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Cobra SCD20 Telematics platform

Cobra SCD20 is the latest high performance compact unit designed for security, safety and usage-based applications.

To address various levels of security requirements, SCD20 is equipped with a radiofrequency receiver able to communicate with additional wireless modules such as automatic driver recognition card, crank inhibition relay and siren.

This platform has been specifically designed to meet the installation requirements of aftermarket fitters:

  • fast installation thanks to integrated GPS and GSM antennas
  • flexible installation position to fit all car specificities via the water-proof mechanic box
The ideal architecture in OES and Aftermarket environments.

The platform includes the Event Recorder (ER) functionality for accident detection and reconstruction either via an internal component or using a small external device in case it needs to be fitted onto the vehicle chassis – mainly for insurance applications.

Key features and benefits
  Fast to install: internal GPS and GSM antennas
  Water-proof (IP67) mechanic box for flexible installation position –for even greater flexibility also depending on the vehicle characteristics, an external GPS antenna can be connected. Very useful in case of shielded car windows
  Compatible with a wide range of CAN bus protocols and suitable also for non CAN-based vehicles
  Customisation and installer support: can be easily customized for the destination vehicle thanks to the CAN compatibility. Dedicated programming tool and software
  Standard 2.4 Ghz short range RF transceiver for wireless communication
  Driver card option available thanks to built-in receiver
  High quality: perfect integration with the vehicle electronics, complies and exceeds the highest automotive standards
  Back-up battery is used as countermeasure in case of tampering attempt

photo detail

Cobra SCD20 – compact unit with integrated GPS and GSM antennas