Design and development

A multicultural team dedicated to the design and development
of electronic systems

The main output in this first phase is made of the system requirements that are split into:

  • requests for product and technical functionalities,
  • requests for internal and external production processes, including specific conditions for the application of the product to the specific car model,
  • feasibility and external homologation requests.
The requests appropriateness is determined by the capacity to satisfy customer needs that represent the reason for which a new product development project is undertaken; technical requests are therefore part of the overall evaluation, together with return on investment and project potential, taking into consideration the deadlines imposed by the market.

The design & development phase converts the system requirements into specific technical requirements including mechanical, hardware and software aspects. Such phase is closely integrated with process engineering. Process engineering focuses on product industrialisation for mass production, based on cost and performance constraints defined in the feasibility phase.

The validation phase consists of system testing so as to approve the project in terms of product and process, with the objective to enable the start of the mass production phase called SOP.

The in-house laboratory is equipped with test instruments and simulators to satisfy the requirements of vehicle manufacturers, insurance companies and legal requirements of the European Union and to support the design and development activities.

Design validations and product verification according to the OEM standards:
  • Functional tests
  • EMC evaluation
  • Temperature shock
  • Endurance / Reliability tests
  • Power consumption management
  • Humidity

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