Cobra Park Master product platform

Park Distance Control systems adapted in Aftermarket

0390 – Cobra Park Master product platform

Cobra Park Master 0390 series is the first flush mount solution for Afterfactory fit which can be adjusted to bumper thickness. This provides a remarkable aesthetic result: the very small sensors are perfectly aligned to the bumper and one can hardly imagine the system is not factory fitted! Such a highly innovative solution is unique on the market, to protect it Vodafone Automotive has filed a patent application. Cobra Park Master 0390 is the ideal solution in OES as well as in Aftermarket.
Deriving directly from OEM/OES application experience, the central unit is highly reliable and includes a number of additional features suitable for OES and Aftermarket requirements.

Main features and benefits

  Very small sensors (17mm), holder adaptable to bumper thickness (from 2mm to 4mm) enabling a perfect alignment with the bumper
  Flush mount installation kept easy and easy sensor fixing
  For perfect finish, dedicated installation tools (punch tool and drilling tool) are available
  Can be installed on all types of vehicles including motorhomes, passenger cars and commercial vehicles
  As for all our Afterfactory solutions, it is compatible with towing balls and spare wheels
  Can be a useful complement for vehicles already equipped with rear view cameras, providing distance indications through the acoustic signals in addition to the visual aid
  Can be painted to match the vehicle paint colour to ensure they look an integral part of the vehicle bumper
  High quality product, endorsed by vehicle manufacturers
  Fully compliant with ISO9001, ISO17386 (MALSO) and with European homologations

AMF394 – 4 front sensor system
AMR394 – 4 rear sensor system

This product is based on the open-source OSEK/VDX Kernel ERIKA Enterprise. For more information about the ERIKA Enterprise project, please refer to the web site

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0390 - four sensor system