A worldwide presence

We have proven our international focus and expanded
our worldwide presence over the past nearly 40 years

Vodafone Automotive Varese, a factory in a park

The manufacturing facilities cover a 10,000 sqm area and serve customers worldwide. In Varese, 2,5 million systems are produced per year with a production capacity up to 3,5 million systems. More than 10,000 systems (including complete kits with different parts and devices) are produced per day. Each electronic device is automatically traceable via the Process Quality System (PQS).

Vodafone Automotive SpA
Via Astico, 41
21100 Varese – Italy

Tel +39 0332 825 111
Fax +39 0332 222 005

Vodafone Automotive Japan KK

Since 2004, we are present in Japan, to develop property and transportation security solutions with Japanese car manufacturers.

Vodafone Automotive Japan KK
KAKiYA building 9F
2-7-17 Shin-Yokohama,
Kohoku-ku, Kanagawa
222-0033 - Japan

Tel. +81 45 474 3610
Fax +81 45 474 3630

Vodafone Automotive Beijing Ltd Automotive Technologies Co, Ltd

In 2007 we set up its Chinese facilities in Beijing, entering the 2nd largest auto market in the world. At our Beijing premises, the main activities include assembly, testing and configuration for analog and digital parking aid systems and antitheft systems. The electronic parts are manufactured in China by subcontractors or by Vodafone Automotive Varese.

Vodafone Automotive Beijing Ltd Automotive Technologies Co, Ltd
Building Number 21st, KangDing Rd. 11th
BDA, Beijing - China Post Code: 100176

Tel +86 10 6780 3288
Fax +86 10 6780 3298

Vodafone Automotive Korea Ltd.

In 2008 Vodafone Automotive has established a direct operation in Giheung, South Korea, which is involved in the R&D, manufacturing and business development with Asian and Korean vehicle manufacturers, mainly focused on the parking aid and antitheft business.

Vodafone Automotive Korea Ltd.
3rd Floor 54 Gongse-ro,
Kiheung-gu, Yongin-si,
446-901 Korea
Tel. +82 31-548-8200
Fax +82 31-548-8282

We are represented around the globe by 40 exclusive partners distributing Vodafone Automotive systems and solutions. If you are looking for a distributor in your country or wish to become our partner, please contact us at: sales@vodafoneautomotive.com