Antitheft systems

Scalable and innovative solutions
in the OEM environment

5425 – Antitheft system product platform

Designed for OEM applications, the platform consists of an alarm control unit with ultrasonic volumetric sensors protecting the vehicle and its contents by triggering the alert in case of attempted intrusion into the vehicle compartment.

This solution is ideal for price sensitive markets who wish to link the central unit directly to the vehicle horn without adding an external siren. If required, the ultra-compact backup battery siren 5375 offers a high performance addition to the protection system.

Communication can take place via Cobra BUS (proprietary serial communication protocol), LIN bus or according to the customer specifications and requirements.

Key features and benefits

  Designed for smart integration in the vehicle’s interior
  Operating principle based upon ultrasonic technology and Doppler effect
  Can operate with 2 to 4 ultrasonic heads
  Integration – alarm control unit, ultrasonic sensor and inclination sensor as option, all in one
  Scalability – backup battery siren for full alarm and horn for basic alarm system
  Inclination detection can be enabled by simply mounting a few more components already foreseen on the board
  Increased signal dynamic range – high product performance

photo detail

5425 central unit with ultrasonic volumetric sensor