Continuously researching new ways to improve
the quality of the driving experience

Evolution of security needs

Since the company’s inception, Vodafone Automotive has positioned itself as a centre of technical excellence capable of identifying, developing, producing and offering its customers innovative security systems for the automotive sector. Vodafone Automotive is stepping up its focus on the technology of the future by launching investment programs with dedicated resources and processes to explore new opportunities to apply different technologies in the automotive environment. Vodafone Automotive addresses requirements including the design and development of security solutions for hybrid and electric vehicles and researches innovative driver recognition and intrusion sensing technologies.

From parking assistance systems to Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Ultrasonic technology is at the basis of the development of the sensors with the aim of increasing the safety level of vehicles. Intensive testing has shown that this technology offers the best solution in terms of cost, performance and automotive environmental requirements.
A dedicated team of R&D experts has been working for over a decade on innovative developments designed to improve safety and comfort by monitoring the automotive environment and warning the driver before critical situations arise.
Our fully scalable parking aid systems demonstrate our active involvement in shaping the mobile future.

A scalable approach Our latest product platform will combine the positive aspects of the current products with the latest innovation and add full functional scalabillity and simplified installation.

Integration capabilities Parking aid function at OEM performance level is combined with various HMI interface options in line with market needs. Vodafone Automotive offers a scalable package of display functionalities.

State-of-the art telematics technology, enabling value added services

The new design approach of our telematics platforms is a response to rapidly changing and growing market needs: vehicle manufacturers, public authorities and insurance companies have expressed their intention to use telematics to monitor green driving, improve road safety and offer tailored insurance policies. Just to name a few of the high number of applications that can be developed.
The reliability of the gathered data is a clear requirement: this depends on the quality of integration of the unit in the vehicle. This is where the core competences of Vodafone Automotive lies, thanks to the long-term partnership with vehicle manufacturers and the ability of its highly skilled engineers to follow the global telematics technology evolution and integrate it.
To be an efficient gateway enabling a variety of value added services, totally open to different server infrastructures created for different needs, we have standardised our interfaces.

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