Antitheft systems

Scalable and innovative solutions
to mitigate risks of vehicle theft

4600 – Antitheft system product platform

The latest Afterfactory antitheft systems are at the same time highly sophisticated and easy to use, as they are operated in a fully automatic and transparent way via the original vehicle remote control.

For quicker and flexible installation, they are available in a wireless version.

One platform fits all: all the options are made available starting from the same platform. Designed to be fully compatible with a wide range of CAN bus protocols, it can also be fitted to non CAN-based vehicles. The system can be provided in PLIP version with or without remote control, in standard or wireless version, with a driver card for increased security. Additional security functions can be managed depending on the specific market or car manufacturer needs: connection to a pager sending alert messages or to wifi interface enabling the interaction with the vehicle from a smart phone application.

The ideal architecture in OES and Aftermarket environments.

Key features and benefits

  Great versatility: compatible with a wide range of CAN bus protocols and suits also non CAN-based vehicles, fully scalable architecture
  Ease of installation and flexibility: thanks to the wireless technology, fitting times are cut by 30% and the installation position becomes more flexible
  Customisation and installer support: can be easily customized for the destination vehicle thanks to the CAN compatibility. Fully programmable via a programming tool and dedicated software
  High quality: perfect integration with the vehicle electronics, complies and exceeds the highest automotive standards
  Ease of use: when locking and unlocking the vehicle doors using the vehicle original remote control, the system is automatically armed and disarmed

photo detail

4615 version – wireless central unit,
backup battery siren and ultrasonic sensors